Pipeline Inspection

Sphere Environmental has a proven track record of providing professional environmental services with regards to all aspects of pipeline construction. We are able to provide expertise at all stages of the project, from initial planning to completion and site reclamation. One of our strengths is being able to effectively represent the client to relevant regulatory agencies, and ensure that all regulatory obligations are met. We have qualified staff that can work with the Chief Inspector during construction, or act in that role. We are also able to provide all services necessary in the construction process.

We are an effective liaison between the client, landowners, and regulatory agencies, and we ensure that all approvals, permits and licenses are in place for our clients.

Sphere Environmental has expertise in providing geotechnical advice and direction in changing conditions such as weather or terrain. We are capable of taking care of all ancillary activities regarding pipeline installation; such as timber salvage, topsoil salvage and replacement, water crossings, topographical contouring, weed control, and reseeding and revegetating sites.